Better Sleep Without Pills

We all know how important a good night’s rest is. Missing a night’s sleep affects how we perform during the day. Yet millions of Americans suffer from sleepless nights.

When addressing the problem with their doctors, most people receive a prescription for a sleeping pill and consider their problem solved. But is it?

Studies clearly show that the quality of the sleep you get from a sleeping pill is not the same as your natural sleep. Natural sleep is deeper and healthier and helps to “cleanse” the toxins that build up in our brains when we’re awake.

In addition, sleeping pills can affect your body well beyond the duration of the night and can affect your performance the next day.

The next time you find yourself plagued by a bout of sleeplessness, try these natural solutions before reaching for a pill:

#1. Avoid caffeine after 12 noon.

Caffeine stays in your system longer than you think.  And remember that it is found not only in coffee, but also in tea, sodas, chocolate, ice cream, and certain drugs, such as weight loss pills and pain relievers.

#2. Exercise routinely but avoid exercise in the afternoon or evening.

Studies show that working out before bedtime will only keep you awake longer. If you don’t have any other time to exercise, then try this. Get up earlier and work out in the morning.  It may be hard at first but eventually you will adjust to the new schedule. You’ll feel more tired at bedtime and your sleep will be more restful.

#3. Examine any prescription and nonprescription drugs that you might be taking.

Many pills have side effects that interfere with sleep. Talk to your doctor about this. Perhaps changing the time of day you take a pill can help with your sleep patterns.

The science of sleep is relatively new. We used to think sleep was passive. Now we know that our brains are very active during sleep. Not getting enough quality snooze has now been linked to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. A sleeping pill simply does not provide the same health benefits as natural sleep.

Try these easy tips for a better night’s sleep and see if your body responds with a slimmer, healthier, more powerful you!

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