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Weight Loss

How To Stick To Your Diet During The Holidays

Do you find it difficult to stick to a diet plan during the holidays? You can still have a wonderful time and stay healthy. Here are 3 simple tricks to help

Weight Loss

Buyer Beware: Gluten-Free Does Not Necessarily Mean Healthy

While no one was talking about gluten ten years ago, studies show that today as much as a third of the population is trying to go gluten-free and for a good

Mental Health

The Young At Heart Live Longer

Feeling young has health benefits that no one suspected. A new study from University College London, England, reported that elderly individuals who felt younger than their chronological age by least


The Importance Of Vitamin D & Where To Get It

  Vitamin D, which is produced in our skin in response to sunlight, helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorous which in turn helps to keep our immune systems healthy. A National


Pets & Heart Health

Statistics kept by the American Heart Association have shown that people who own a pet dog could be keeping their heart healthy! In fact, for more than a decade, reports