Don’t Fall For These Sneaky Tricks At The Supermarket

If your grocery bill is going up and the scale is following this suit – do not be surprised! The two go hand in hand and are more related then you’d think.

In fact, as American families are getting heavier and their food spending increasing, our supermarkets are under scrutiny for fooling consumers into buying fattening foods disguised as health foods.

You see, clever marketing experts have devised many ways to make you spend more dollars, buy what you don’t need and most importantly…

Make you believe that what you’re buying is healthy.

The truth is, your supermarket is flooded with fattening, unhealthy foods disguised as health foods. Many have labels such as “heart healthy”, “organic”, and some even have the stamp of the American Heart Association. But in fact, all these foods are good for is growing your belly and making you sick.

So, before your next trip to the supermarket, follow these tips on how to keep your body slim (and lower your food bill too):

Don’t go hungry. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Going to the supermarket with a growling belly will make you buy all sorts of unhealthy things. And these are everywhere – but especially at the register. While waiting in line, at the end of your long day, you have no choice but to stare at the chocolate and overpriced ready-to-grab junk.

Leave the credit cards at home. Studies have clearly shown that when paying with plastic, we are less careful about how much we spend. However, when cash is involved, “primal self-preservation kicks in”. We automatically become better judges of what exactly we are buying and are able to make better decisions.

Shop alone. It’s difficult enough to convince yourself not to buy the junk food, what about your little ones? Marketers are especially cruel to children and heavily bombard them with advertisements for unhealthy products.

Use the small shopping cart. The big carts are meant to make you spend more without even realizing it. If you only came and purchased what you really needed, your oversized cart will sadly seem empty. Do not let that subliminally get to you. Pick a small cart, or even better, carry a basket, grab what you need, and do not linger in the store more than you have to.

Make a list. This is by far the best strategy for staying on point when buying groceries and avoiding marketing hype and traps. So, make a list ahead of time and stick to it – no matter what.

By following the above you’ll be much better off in terms of your grocery bill and your health.

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